An Accident Left Me Blind

“Good news, Mr. Miska! I believe you are a good match for our first trial!” Dr. Vijay said excitedly, “If successful, your vision will be completely restored.”

“If it isn’t successful?”

“You’re already blind, would no eyes make it any worse?”

“I guess not.” I resigned, “Where’d you get the eyes for a transplant?”

“A fellow researcher is dying. It’s nothing he can pass to you, but in the interest of progress he’s elected to donate his eyes in the name of progress.”

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Grandpa Tended Flowers

People wait for upwards of a decade to see the titan arum bloom. For me, the event lined up with some much needed extra credit for my botany course. Everyone was gathered around the bucket sized pod, waiting for it’s arrival nine years in the making.

Like watching a rhino ballet dance the large petal gracefully unfurled. It had a certain regality to it. The green outside curled back to reveal a meaty dark burgundy. The perfume wafted through the green house. Some spectators had to leave, unable to cope with the smell. All I could do is think of the flowers my grandpa grew in his basement.

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I hate the roller grill

I work for a nation wide gas station chain. We have a fair share of weirdos, like the people who eat exclusively off of the roller grill, or people who seem to stop in specifically to hit on any woman that walks by.
Then there’s dudes like Norm. This motherfucker, for starters, has never purchased a goddamn thing from us. He just hangs out by the roller grill. Why does he hang out by the roller grill? He likes to flop his Johnsonville(™) on it and see if an unsuspecting patron grabs it with the tongs. I swear to god one time, an older woman thought it was just stuck to the grill and he finished. Baked on jizz is not easy to clean off.
I noticed him loitering farther back today, over by the slushie machines. I was checking out a lady who had a hotdog shorter and thinner than what we usually sell. Before I could investigate, a woman screams over at the roller grill. Norm has a mile wide grin, though considerably more pale than usual. I run over to see what it is. Fingers rolling on the greased metal poles.
And Norms dick in her tongs.

The Good Son

All of my life I’ve tried as hard as I could to be successful. I worked for my goals, and for the most part I have always been satisfied with my results. I can’t really be sure exactly what first caused my problem. My parent’s never really supported my ambitions of being a botanist. They thought I would be better off as a medical doctor. I never wanted to deal with patients or their drips. Frankly, I’m not a people person.

It all started around my 17th birthday. I’ve replayed every event I can remember in my head. The only thing that stands out was my gift from my parents. A small statue of a short and stout man wearing a mask with half of his mouth in a cartoonish grin, and the other half in a frown. I still have him sitting on my desk, he’s still watching me while I type this.

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My Neighbors Think I’m a Ghost

My neighborhood has had a lot of supposedly paranormal activity as of late. The police have made announcements that they can’t really respond to ethereal invaders. Complaints started within the book groups. Their contacts were never where they let them. They’d wake up with fresh ice in their drinks or an empty cup on their nightstands. Personally, I always find everything exactly where I leave it. I think they might be hitting the Jesus juice a little aggressively.

Honestly, I think the bigger crime is how often spouses spend the night separate from each other because of their jobs. The husbands miss their wives, the wives miss their husbands. After being single for most of my life, I can sympathize with them. Sleeping alone is terrible. Snuggling up to a warm person, the smell of their hair. It’s just the best.

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Rose’s Whisper

The house seemed like an absolute miracle, the asking price was unbelievably low, the sellers had remodeled most of the house to try to entice buyers and the yard was absolutely enormous, surrounded by vacant, wooded lots on three sides. We were in a tight spot, the seller of the house we were buying backed out at the last minute. The house we were in was in closing. It was the most welcoming vacant house I’d ever seen. Even from the first night, with only boxes and no furniture in place, it was home. There were no nights of unfamiliar noises breaking our slumber.

Shortly after the move, I started my junior year of highschool. I didn’t know anyone in this sleepy little town yet. The move was sufficiently far away none of my friends were close enough to even visit. It was pretty average, people were too busy with their own business to really notice me. At lunch on the first day a pale girl sat down across from me.

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