I hate the roller grill

I work for a nation wide gas station chain. We have a fair share of weirdos, like the people who eat exclusively off of the roller grill, or people who seem to stop in specifically to hit on any woman that walks by.
Then there’s dudes like Norm. This motherfucker, for starters, has never purchased a goddamn thing from us. He just hangs out by the roller grill. Why does he hang out by the roller grill? He likes to flop his Johnsonville(™) on it and see if an unsuspecting patron grabs it with the tongs. I swear to god one time, an older woman thought it was just stuck to the grill and he finished. Baked on jizz is not easy to clean off.
I noticed him loitering farther back today, over by the slushie machines. I was checking out a lady who had a hotdog shorter and thinner than what we usually sell. Before I could investigate, a woman screams over at the roller grill. Norm has a mile wide grin, though considerably more pale than usual. I run over to see what it is. Fingers rolling on the greased metal poles.
And Norms dick in her tongs.

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